Safety Concerns with a Tig Welder

TIG welders create an electronic arc using electric currents and compressed gases. This arc is extremely bright and releases ultraviolet or UV light. UV light is very harmful to human eyes and can seriously damage the retina if the user allows their eyes to be exposed to it. This is often referred to as arc eye and can cause permanent damage to the user’s eyesight. Because of these eye dangers, most TIG welders will use auto darkening helmets or helmets with dark protective eye shields. These helmets not only protect the eyes, but they also protect the user’s face and skin from the weld’s UV rays, the heat that is created during the welding process and from heated metal that can splash up onto the skin.

The UV light that is created by a TIG welder can also damage human tissue and scar the skin. To protect their skin from UV damage, and from damage related to splashing metals and heat generated by the weld, TIG welders often wear long sleeve shirts made of a tough material and a welding apron. If you need welders in Brisbane you can visit A welding apron is usually a thick leather apron that protects the front of the welder’s body. Welding gloves are used to protect the welder’s hands from the heat and UV damage created by the arc.

More Safety Concerns and Precautions

There are other safety concerns that a TIG welder has to worry about. The welder uses an electric current to create the electric arc, which creates the risk of electrocution. This particular method of welding also creates excess gases and fumes, which can build up and become toxic to human lungs. Because of this, TIG welders must operate their machines in well ventilated areas and use gas removal techniques when they are working indoors. The build-up of fumes and gases can also lead to explosions. A TIG welder is also at risk for fire and burns. Since these welders use compressed gases and electric sparks to create the welding arc, there is a risk of extreme heat and flying sparks.

If the welder is wearing flammable clothing they could be at risk for catching fire. Extreme heat is also dangerous and the welded metal can sometimes remain hot for some time. A welder must always ensure that the metal has had an appropriate amount of time to cool down before they attempt to touch it. The noise created by TIG welders can also damage the handler’s hearing, so welders should take the appropriate steps to protect their ears from excessive noise. TIG welding methods are considered to be of extremely high quality. However, due to the fact that this technique uses argon gases, which can be hard to control, the welders must have a good deal of training in order to safely create a weld. Proper TIG welding techniques and methods require that welder have a good understanding how argon gas works and behaves and must understand exactly how to control the torch very carefully. A TIG welder can be a very sought after type of laborer and their skills can be used in a number of manufacturing and industry professions.

Argon is the inert gas that youll usually find connected to the back of  a TIG welding machine. A stable and constant power suppl is of more importance that it is for MIG welding, so if youre considering a multi-process machine but mostly plan to use the TIG option, make sure to buy a machine with the most stable continuous power supply.

Generally, TIG welding is considered one of the more difficult processes to master. MIG and stick welding is suited better for beginners, so that may be the reason that some people avoid getting A TIG only machine. But with just a bit more effort, it becomes a very satisfying and versatile welding application process. My strong suggestion is that those who think they are interested in Tig welding is to first try it out because a good one like the Miller syncrowave 200 comes in at a suggested retail price of $2,927.00 for the base package.