Polished Concrete Benefits

When choosing among the different flooring options, selecting the “right” one can be difficult. However, arguably, one of the best choices is polished concrete. In fact, there are several polished concrete benefits, which makes it a better choice over other options. It’s not to say that it doesn’t have some drawbacks. However, the benefits of the polished concrete, including its being durable, easy to clean, and “green” make it a good choice when selecting a particular type of material for a home or office floor. It has all the benefits of regular concrete, plus others due to the polishing process it undergoes.

To better comprehend the benefits of polished concrete, it’s important to know exactly what it is. It’s a construction material that has various functions, but is usually used for flooring. It’s made by grinding down regular concrete and then polishing it.

A special machine is typically used to polish the concrete. It uses disks containing diamonds to wear down the concrete. The machines are equipped with diamonds since their hardness is a useful tool for grinding down the concrete. There are several steps involved. A coarser grit is used usually 3-4 times. Then a hardener is added to the top of the concrete, in order to make the pores filled in. After that, disks containing a diamond grit that’s finer is used to grind down the piece of concrete more. This “polishing” process is done several times. It’s continued until the finish is done. Sometimes a sealant is then added to the concrete.

There are several benefits of using polished concrete flooring over other options. For example, it is relatively less expensive than other options, which is certainly a plus if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on your next flooring.

Another main polished concrete benefit is that it’s low-maintenance. You can just use warm soapy water to mop down the concrete whenever necessary. That’s a key benefit over other types of flooring that can be very difficult to clean and maintain. You will feel confident to choose Foley Glass that you will recieve best quality services and best price for everyone contact Foley Glass.

Another benefit of polished concrete is that it’s very durable. You won’t have to worry about issues such as chipping, which can be a problem with other types of softer flooring, such as those made of wood.

Another benefit of this type of concrete is that it’s “green.” The polishing process only includes the materials already in the concrete, so there’s no adding of artificial chemicals to the flooring.

Although there are different types of flooring to choose from, polished concrete is definitely one of the best ones. It’s made in a specific process used to add sheen to the concrete, giving it a unique look. Although there are several flooring options, it’s definitely one of the best ones. The cost is low, so it won’t cost a small fortune. Besides that, the concrete is very durable so you won’t have to worry about various problems such as chipping. This type of flooring is also “green” as the polish process involves the materials already in the concrete.