Be Consistent In Your New Routine And You Are On Your Way To Weight Loss

How many times have you failed to lose those extra pounds? Countless of times, isn’t it? For sure by now you are very frustrated, and want to quit trying even. Do you know there is only one word that you need to remember and your problem will be all gone? It’s consistency!


Yes, what good a weight loss program is when you are not consistent. You are following through it today, the next day and on the third day you are back to your normal self. Things might get overwhelming but you need to chunk it. Take bite pieces until such time you have mastered and follow through the program. It may take you more time than it should have been. But it is all worth it. Why? You are not going on an yo-yo lose 1 pound today, gain 2 more pounds on the third day, lose 1 pound and gain 3 more next week.

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For example, on the weight loss program you are having you need to eat fruits and veggies, then exercise, do this and that. Your brain can only process one thought at a time. So what you can do is to simply add fruits and veggies to your meal good for 1 month. Then, next month, the same thing with fruits and veggies, and you add exercising like 15-minute aerobic exercise everyday for another 1 month. Go on with this for 2-3 months. Next, you are going to add another form of exercise, until such time it will become a habit.


As you can see, this can be a slow process but what you are after is consistency. These will form part of your daily routine and it would be difficult to get rid of your daily habits. Why? It is because you have been doing them consistently. It is like brushing  your teeth after eating. It is automatic you will not forget to do it since your body is used to doing such activity.


As you can see it is quite easy. All you need to do is to make sure that one new activity/step of the weight loss program is being incorporated into your daily routine slowly but surely. Then, add another one, and another one until such time you have completed the program. Later on, the program will then form part of your healthy lifestyle. You will not just throw it away on the window because you are tired of it.